Hamsters for sale on the web!


Well, okay, not quite. We're not exactly geared up to take Visa via secure HTTP. What we do want to do is announce that if you live in the Berkshire/Oxfordshire area or the North East, we provide an alternative to buying hamsters from pet shops.

Here's what we're about. We keep hamsters because we love them. We breed them because we wish to keep hamsters that we can exhibit and because we enjoy watching them grow up, and when selling those we don't wish to keep we're only really interested in them going to someone who really wants them. We keep Roborovski, Russian, Chinese and Syrian hamsters. Currently we are breeding Roborovskis.

Here are some reasons to come to Dylan Breeding for your hamsters, apart from the fact that you can pay anything up to the comedy price of 8.99 for a single Russian dwarf (I'm not making that up - I've seen them at this price in a large pet store in Basingstoke):

We only ask 2 each for our hamsters.

Ours are better quality than you see in most pet shops having been bred in a home environment where the mother and babies have received individual care and attention. Give one or two of our hamsters a home and you'll find that they are very lively, friendly, with excellent shiny soft fur and bright eyes.

We keep them in small family groups, not large numbers of mixed litters. With the best will in the world, pet shops can't look after them like we can. I visit a lot of stores where I feel the animals are not kept well at all.

We handle and tame our baby hamsters, so when you get them they're much more friendly than they are when they come from a pet store, especially a big one.

If you can give a home to a particularly cute hamster or two, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you, even if it's just to chat about hamsters. Unlike Syrian hamsters, Russian, Chinese hamsters are happiest in pairs or triads, but they don't have to be mated pairs. Single-sex pairs are fine. If you need more information about hamsters, Karin Sandoval's Karin's House of Critters is anexcellent place to go. Good places to talk about hamsters, pick up tips and get quick answers are the Hammies 'R Us mailing list and the newsgroup.

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