Looking for Gwydion Dylan?

Dylan is a programming language designed by Apple and Carnegie Mellon University.

Gwydion Dylan is an open-source implementation of a Dylan interpreter and compiler. In true open-source spirit it is of course maintained by a group of programmers all over the world in their spare time. Gwydiondylan.org isn't particularly easy to remember, is it? So the site's webmaster, Andreas Bogk, asked me to include a link from my site. In my day job I am a network engineer at an ISP in the UK and am a keen Linux user, so of course I support any open source initiative.

You don't know what Open Source is? Then you need to visit the Open Source website and also that of Eric S. Raymond, a leading advocate for the open source movement.

Here are some links to important and useful links to open source projects and resources, and some cool stuff. More will be added in time.

The GNU project and the Free Software Foundation

SuSE Linux - my Linux distribution of choice

Debian GNU/Linux - the purist's Linux distribution

FreeBSD - not Linux, but UNIX

Apache Project - the world's most popular web server

The K Desktop Environment - the best desktop for X

GNOME Project - the GNU project's desktop envorinment

The Linux Emporium - high class software to the cognoscenti

Slashdot - news for nerds, stuff that matters

User Friendly - the comic strip

Freshmeat - get your software here

Themes.org - make X pretty


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