Harriett, the Ultra-Cute Baby!

Harriet is one of Dylan's babies and is a mottled Campbells dwarf. Normally we sell our babies, but Harriet was so cute that I just had to keep her. I was debating whether I should, but then I got her out to play with. She looked up with those big eyes and her name came to me. Well, of course, once you name a hamster it's very difficult to give her away, so she stayed at home with Dylan and Sasha, her mother. However, she has now left us and gone to live with Stuart, one of my colleagues at work.

Subsequently she spent much time trying to usurp Dylan's position as Number 1 hamster using those dark red eyes and marvellous big ears, along with regular shows of outrageous cuteness. She has now acquired Dylan's title, but even before that she managed to establish herself as the cutest of all our hamsters, at least while Sophie isn't out wrapping herself and her prehensile tail around my forefinger. She has a very friendly nature and is exceptionally good at climbing - shoulders, furniture, you name it, she'll scale it. She's very curious and is very keen to investigate her surroundings, although she's a bit young to be allowed to roam the house on her own yet.

Harriet out exploring the table top

Harriett on the table

What's this hand thing, then?

What's a hand?

Posing for the camera

Harriett on my paw

And she's off!

She's off

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