Dylan was an argente Campbells dwarf and he's the little rogue in whose honour this site is named. Why is this? Well, Dylan was my very favourite hamster. He had all of the ideal qualities you would look for in a pet hamster. Very friendly, very inquistive, very keen to come out and play, and as dumb as a box of rocks (but not as dumb as Max).

Unfortunately, I now have to use the past tense when talking about Dylan because he and Sasha are no longe rwith us. They had been relatively quiet for a couple of days, but we got them out one night and Sasha obviously had very bad diarrhoea, although Dylan seemed quite healthy and normal. We took them both to the vet the next morning where they were given antibiotics, but they both died that afternoon.

And why the Dylan Hamstery? Because I was looking for a name for my hamstery, and theDylan Hamstery seemed obvious, because breeding was another thing Dylan was very good at. Not only was he very active in the pre-production side of things, but he was also a very good daddy.

Dylan investigates what's below

Dylan looks down

Surveying his kingdom!

Dylan stands up

Looking at the outside world

Lemme out!

Is that a computer out there?

On the roof

Forward to the Dylanlets!

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