The Maxlets!

Dylan may have been King of the Hamstery (and still is in spirit), but Max's babies are cuter. Well, apart from Harriett, obviously. Because he's a mottled Campbells and Meg is a normal they produce half mottled and half normal, but they all come out with Max's fluffy coat. The two babies on these pages are Max and Meg's third litter. There were originally six, but sadly, the summer heat claimed four of them when they were only a few days old.

I love this wheel thing!

Jumping in the wheel

Wasn't this bowl in the tank a minute ago?

Mottled in bowl

Thought of wiring this thing up to a generator?

Baby drinking

What's this weird-looking thing for, then?

Baby drinking

Oh right, it's a hopscotch board!

Feeding frenzy

Forward to more Maxlets!

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