Even more Maxlets!

Max and Meg have had a lot of babies now and here are another set, younger than the ones on the previous pages. In fact there were two litters together at the time these photos were taken, one of nearly six weeks and one three weeks younger. They're a pretty lively lot and like almost all of Max's babies, they have two speeds: full speed and stop. Which means when you have a look at them they're either legging it around the tank, pausing only to excavate in the food bowl, or they're asleep!

I'm little but I'm loud!

Lemme out!

Time for a rest after all that bouncing

Baby pile

A house full of babes!


These two have no stamina - I'm off!

A quick wash

Time for a bit of a munch!

On the sofa

Forward to Sophie and Sammy!

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