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Well, you're in the right place!

I'm always trying to think of different things to offer for people to take away with them. So the other day I thought, "What about screensavers? Enough sites offer screensavers. No reason why I shouldn't do that too."

So here are the first few. One features Curtis the rabbit and the other features Otto and Franklin, two Russian hamsters whose pictures aren't yet up on the site. I'll be adding more in the next few days so please check back.

If there are any of the animals you'd like to see featured in a screensaver, please mail me and let me know.

Just click to download.

Curtis the Rabbit screensaver
1.18 MB
Otto and Franklin the Russian hamsters screensaver
635 KB
Shreddie the Supermodel screensaver
667 KB
Bunny 2000 screensaver
442 KB


Bunny 2000 is a self-extracting archive, which you just need to save somewhere on your hard drive and then double-click on it in Windows Explorer and it will install itself.

The first three will be replaced with self-extractors soon, but for the moment you just need to do the following:

For Windows 95 or 98 copy the .scr file into C:\Windows\System (or wherever the other .scr files on your hard drive appear). Under Windows 2000 or Windows NT they'll be in C:\WINNT\System32.

Open Control Panel, then Display, click on the Screensaver tab and choose the name of the screensaver you downloaded.

That's all you need to do, but I would strongly recommend that you click on the Settings button and make a couple of changes to the defaults: lower the Redraw Speed to about 3 seconds and uncheck Resize images to fit screen. The others should be fine, though you may wish to uncheck Use effects.

Any comments or suggestions, please mail me.

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