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Shreddie gets into the excavation business!

Of course, as we all know by now, Shreddie is quite the versatile one, a hamster of many talents. Recently she got into the horticulture business, offering her services as an excavation consultant. Here I'll let Corinna, Shreddie's pet human, tell the story:

We're going through a heat-wave here, and poor little Shreddie has been sleeping longer hours because of this (just too hot for us to move, never mind our little darling!). Anyways, Brent and I decided to clear out all of the dead plants from our container gardens before we leave on holidays. Brent was digging through the soil of one of our larger containers to aerate the soil, and I told him to "call a professional!". So we did! With the enticing of a peanut, Shreddie happily woke up from her sound sleep to come and go for a dig - and dig she did!!!

Shreddie goes to work!

After digging around the container, and doing a great job in moving the soil around, Shreddie dug down to the bottom (cooler) part of the container and promptly fell asleep!!!! When we got her out, our little orange hamster was brown - and very happy.

Shreddie gets dirty!

So, the moral of the story is - folks, if you are clearing out your spring and summer container gardens, let your hamsters have a go at them!! It saves you a lot of work!!

Shreddie does some more work!

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...Shreddie'll have ya!