Little ShreddieAnother Little Shreddie
Shreddie at play!

As the Christmas picture shows Shreddie is as keen as any hamster to come out and play, although these pictures are quite unusual in showing her in positions in which she would not choose to be photographed. The first one is particularly unusual because it shows Shreddie begging to be allowed out. Shreddie, as we know, does not beg, she instructs. She was less than pleased when she saw the photo, concerned that it might undermine her reputation as a hamster of great authority. She was even more disgruntled with the second of the photos, showing her as it does in what she considers a most inelegant position. Words were exchanged with Corinna about this and the word "papparazzo" was used!

Please let me out! I want to play!

This was NOT what I had in mind! How undignified!

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