Dylan on the table

At first I just decided I would join the ever-growing ranks of people who publish their pets on the world wide web. Then I thought I would expand the site to include other hamsters from the Hamsters Mailing List and some other stuff, including the Dylan Hamstery page, the mailing list itself, Houdini, the car-eating hamster (really!) and some links to various useful pet resources. And here it is!

Harriett on the table

Well, at long last, after neglecting the upkeep of this site for an awful long time I've started to make some new additions. Therefore, please welcome Curtis the rabbit and Gus and Jacques the guinea pigs. Dougal, Otto and Franklin, the Russian hamsters will appear shortly, as will Cadbury and Scary, Sporty, Posh and Baby - the Mice Girls.

LOST? Gwydion Dylan LOST?

The other Dylan!

Welcome to my new bunny!

Dylan Menagerie screensavers!

Penelope Pitstop impression!

Curtis the rabbit

Gus the guinea pig

Jacques the guinea pig

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This site has all the buying, care and breeding information you'll ever need
Houdini, the car-eating hamster!
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The NetVet site
The Hamsters Web Ring

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